Resting in the Peace of Christmas

Our world has been continually turned upside down by political, racial, ethnic and moral conflict.  More serious than our opposition toward one another is our opposition toward God. It was into this war-torn creation that God sent Jesus, the Prince of Peace. This Christmas at Central Bible Church, we remember how Jesus brings inward and outward peace so that His people, no matter what  darkness or difficulty they face, can say with confidence, “All is Well.”

Blessed Are The Peacemakers

December 29 | Roger Sappington | Matthew 5:9

CC: Life Purpose

Christmas Eve - All Is Well 

December 24 | David Daniels | Matthew 1:21


Tearing Down The Walls

December 22 | David Daniels | Ephesians 2:11-22

CC: Peace​​​​​​​

Peace of Mind

December 15 | Roger Sappington | 2 Peter 1:1-2

CC: Peace

No Longer Enemies

December 8 | David Daniels | Colossians 1:15-23

CC: Peace

Falling to Peaces

December 1 | David Daniels | Isaiah 59

CC: Humanity


The Seven Deadly Sins

All sin is serious, but there are some sins which are especially contaminating to individuals and Christ’s church. Since the 6th Century, the church has cautioned people against the “7 Deadly Sins” which were common in the world then and still as much today. This series will explore the biblical warning of each toxic danger and offer a coordinate virtue for God’s people to pursue.

The Harmful Habit of Gluttony

November 24 | Roger Sappington | Proverbs 23:19-21

CC: Self Control

(Virtue: Temperance)

The Lethal Lure of Greed

November 17 | David Daniels | Proverbs 11:24

CC: Generosity

(Virtue: Charity)

The Venomous Vice of Wrath

November 10 | David Daniels | Proverbs 15:1

CC: Patience

(Virtue: Patience)

The Deadly Distraction of Lust

November 3 | Manny Fernandez | Proverbs 6:25-29

CC: Love

(Virtue: Purity)

The Septic Spirit of Envy

October 27 | David Daniels | Proverbs 14:30

CC: Peace

(Virtue: Kindness)

The Fatal Failure of Sloth

October 20 | David Daniels | Proverbs 6:6-11

CC: Life Purpose

(Virtue: Industry)

The Poisonous Problem of Pride

October 13 | David Daniels | Proverbs 16:18

CC: Humility

(Virtue: Humility)


October 6, 2019

God is calling each one of us. He has specific and important purposes that he invites us to be a part of throughout our lives. Unfortunately, we don’t often recognize His calling or we don’t respond the way we should. We are often, too busy, or enthralled with the things of life to respond to His calling. However, if we learn how to respond properly, we will discover the fulfillment of purpose and we will see God work in and through us in ways we never thought possible.

Don't Let It Go To Voicemail

October 6| Manny Fernandez | 1 Samuel 3:1-10

CC: The Holy Spirit


Connecting The Gospel With Everyone We Meet

The Christian has discovered the beautiful treasure of the Gospel of grace. But, we live among many others who have not. We see our world in desperate need of a Savior and long to connect our neighbors to Jesus and the hope He offers. Together, let’s see with compassion and take the next step to be a Gospel bridge with everyone we meet  

Central Serves

September 29 | Day of Service in Our Community

CC: Compassion

Introduction: Presenting Jesus

September 22 | David Daniels | Matthew 13:1-23

CC: Evangelism

Invitation: Practicing Hospitality

September 15 | David Daniels | Matthew 12:9-14

CC: Evangelism

Initiative: Taking First Step

September 8 | David Daniels | Matthew 10:1-23

CC: Evangelism

Invision: Seeing the Need

September 1 | Roger Sappington | Matthew 9:35-38

CC: Compassion


Strengthening Spiritual Foundations

The Jews who had been taken captive in Babylon returned home to find their city in shambles. Under the leadership of Nehemiah, the wall was rebuilt around Jerusalem, signaling a new day for God’s people. Sometimes, God’s people today find their life in disrepair. Sin, hardship or neglect threatens our spiritual security. As we study Nehemiah’s remarkable account, we will learn biblical principles to strengthen our own spiritual foundations.

Remember Me

August 25 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 13

CC: Faithfulness

A Reason to Celebrate

August 18 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 12

CC: Joy

Living Outside Our Comfort Zone

August 11 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 11

CC: Peace

Drawing a Line in the Sand

August 4 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 10

CC: Giving Away My Life

Fuel For Worship

July 28 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 9

CC: Worship

The Great Awakening

July 21 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 8

CC: Bible Study

What Matters to God

July 14 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 7:4-73

CC: Giving Away My Life

Bait And Switch

July 7 | Manny Fernandez | Nehemiah 6:1-7:3

CC: Faithfulness

Courageous Compassion

June 30 | Roger Sappington | Nehemiah 5

CC: Compassion

Hitting a Wall-Building

June 23 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 4

CC: Single-Mindedness

Rise Up And Build

June 16 | Roger Sappington | Nehemiah 3

CC: Biblical Community

Step-By-Step To Success

June 9 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 2

CC: Prayer

The Trouble With Rubble

June 2 | David Daniels | Nehemiah 1

CC: Humility


Heroines in Redemptive History

Amidst the culture war of gender equality, the church should be a place of greatest esteem because God invites all kinds of people into His great plan. Throughout the Bible, women are often key actors in the drama of redemptive history, turning the course of events through their extraordinary faith. In this series, we highlight several “Leading Ladies” who served behind the scenes, but made a big difference with their lives.

Tabitha: Living Your Eulogy

May 26 | David Daniels | Acts 9:36-43

CC: Giving Away My Life

Mary: Breaking Your Best For Christ

May 19 | David Daniels | Matthew 26:6-13

CC: Worship

Lois: Leaving A Spiritual Legacy

May 12 | David Daniels | 2 Timothy 1:5

CC: Giving Away My Life

Rahab: Standing In A Crumbling Culture

May 5 | Manny Fernandez | Joshua 2

CC: Salvation By Grace

Abigail: Taking The High Road

April 28 | David Daniels | 1 Samuel 25

CC: Self-Control


Easter 2019

On Good Friday, we remembered Christ's sacrifice on the cross through a reflective time of worship, Scripture, and a sampling of the Passover Seder meal. Our Easter morning message examines the "mystery of the missing body" through one of the clues left behind, as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and worship the risen Lord!

Good Friday Service

April 19 | David Daniels | 

Good Friday Passover Sedar Service


In The Fold (Easter Sunday) 

April 21 | David Daniels | John 20:1-9

CC: Hope


What does it say about us?

It has been said that “we are never more like God than when we give.” Generosity is a distinctly Christian virtue because as people who have freely received, we freely give. In this series, we will explore what the Bible says about saving, spending and giving and encourage God’s people to practice Gospel generosity as cheerful givers.

Funny Money: Becoming a Hilarious Giver

April 14 | David Daniels | 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

CC: Compassion

No Tipping Allowed: The Principle of Proportional Giving

April 7 | David Daniels | 1 Corinthians 16:1-4

CC: Giving Away My Money

Hearses and Hitches: The Myth of More

March 31 | David Daniels | Luke 12:13-31

CC: Peace

Unstrapped: Breaking Free from Debt

March 24 | David Daniels | Proverbs 22:7

CC: Peace

An Invitation to Blessing: God's Response to Faith

March 17 | David Daniels | Malachi 3:6-12

CC: Stewardship


Generous love for the least

Jesus charges His church to care for “the least of these.” For years, Pantego Bible Church has pushed the boundaries of our missional outreach to care for all types of people who live on the margins of life. God’s Word and His Gospel stretches us to live on the edge of comfort and compassion to meet the needs of those who live on the edge of poverty, life, family, freedom, truth, and love. 

On the Edge of Embrace

March 10 | Roger Sappington | Luke 14:12-14

CC: Stewardship

On the Edge of Truth

March 3  | David Daniels | 1 Thessalonians 2:13 

CC: Authority of the Bible

On the Edge of Freedom

February 24 | Roger Sappington | Isaiah 58:1-14

CC: Compassion

On the Edge of Family

February 17 | David Daniels | James 1:26-27

CC: Self-Control

On the Edge of Life

February 10 | David Daniels | Psalm 139:1-18

CC: Personal God

On the Edge of Poverty

February 3 | David Daniels | Job 24:1-12

CC: Compassion


Confirming our Core Commitments

As Pantego Bible Church changes its name in 2019, it will never change its core commitments. Among all the things a church can do, there are a few things the church must do.  As we start the New Year, we revisit our Spiritual Pathway--Belong, Become and Beyond—and confirm our unchanging commitment to personal connection, life-transformation, and global mission.

Mission is Central

January 27 | David Daniels | Acts 28:17-31

CC: Giving Away My Faith

Transformation is Central

January 20 | David Daniels | Hebrews 5:11-6:3

CC: Bible Study

Connection is Central

January 13 | David Daniels | Acts 2:42-47

CC: Biblical Community


“Gospel Generosity” calls each of us to be courageous with our testimony, with our finances, in mission, and with every part of our lives.

Brave the Elements

January 6 | Roger Sappington | Genesis 6:9-22

CC: Humanity