Ten Words

Journey Through The Commandments

Though the Ten Commandments have fallen out of favor among many people, they still establish the strongest foundation of life with God and each other. These “10 Words” set the course for the rest of the Jewish Law and still serve as a template for godly living today. We pause our “Way Out” series through the book of Exodus to focus on these fundamental verses in chapter 20.

Enough Is Enough

September 4 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:17

CC: Single-Mindedness



Hate Speech

August 28 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:16, 23:1-9

CC: Peace


If It Doesn't Have Your Name On It

August 21 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:15, 22:1-15

CC: Generosity


Join The Journey

August 14 | David Daniels | Philippians 2:12-18

CC: Single-Mindedness

Keeping Our Passions in Check

August 7 | Roger Sappington | Exodus 20:14

CC: Self-Control

Murder Conviction

July 31 | Manny Fernandez |Exodus 20:13,21:12-36

CC: Love

The Honorable Thing to Do

July 24 | David Daniels |Exodus 20:12

CC: Kindness-Goodness

Give It a Rest

July 17|David Daniels |Exodus 20:8-11, 23:10-13, 31:12-18

CC: Worship

Handle With Care

July 10 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:7

CC: Worship

Words To Live By

June 19 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:1-2

CC: Personal God

The One And Only

June 26 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:3, 34:14

CC: Worship

Image Control

July 3 | David Daniels | Exodus 20:4-6, 22-26

CC: Worship

Way Out

God's People Journey Toward God's Best

The spiritual life in Christ is a journey out of bondage and exile into a new life of freedom and flourishing. God has a promised land prepared for His people and He invites us to walk with Him as He leads us. The book of Exodus recounts the journey of God’s people out of Egypt and toward the Promised Land. This rich narrative reveals the faithfulness of God to fight for His people and preserve them along the way. In this year-long study, we learn to leave Egypt behind and journey with God to life which is better.

Wisdom Wins the Day

May 29 | David Daniels | Exodus 18:1-27

CC: Disciple-Making

Preamble to Israel's Constitution

June 5 | David Daniels | Exodus 19:1-6

CC: Salvation By Grace

Meeting God Face To Face

June 12 | Roger Sappington | Exodus 19:7-25

CC: Worship


Momma Jekyll and Ms. Hyde


May 8 | David Daniels | Job 36:13-15

CC: Hope

Manna from Heaven

May 15 | David Daniels | Exodus 16:1-36

CC: Jesus Christ

Hands Towards Heaven

May 22 | Manny Fernandez | Exodus 17:8-16 

CC: Prayer

Past Forward

April 10 | David Daniels | Exodus 13:1-16

CC: Faithfulness

The Lord Will Fight for You

April 24 | David Daniels | Exodus 13:17-14:31

CC: Personal God

Burn The Ships

May 1 | David Daniels | Exodus 15:22-17:7

CC: Personal God

An Outbreak of God's Grace

March 20 | David Daniels | Exodus 8:1-11:10

CC: Personal God

The Passover

March 27 | David Daniels | Exodus 12:1-30

CC: Salvation by Grace

Get Out of Town!

April 3 | Roger Sappington | Exodus 12:31-42

CC: Personal God

God's People Pay a Price

February 27 | Manny Fernandez | Exodus 5:1-21

CC: Patience

Fool Me Once...

March 6 | Roger Sappington | Exodus 5:22-6:12

CC: Salvation by Grace

A Stone-Cold Heart

March 13 | David Daniels | Exodus 6:28-7:24

CC: Humanity

God Calling

February 6 | David Daniels | Exodus 3:1-22

CC: Life-Purpose

God Has a Name

February 13 | David Daniels | Exodus 3:13-15

CC: Salvation by Grace

The Lord Be With You

February 20 | David Daniels | Exodus 4:1-31

CC: Faithfulness

Moment of Impact

January 16 | David Daniels | Exodus 1:1-22

CC: Personal God

Scratch-Off Faith

January 23 | David Daniels | Exodus 2:1-10

CC: Faithfulness

You Were Born for This

January 30 | David Daniels | Exodus 2:11-25

CC: Life-Purpose

Easter at Central

Join us for a reflective time of worship, Scripture, and a sampling of the Passover Seder Meal as we remember Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Then, come celebrate our Risen Savior through worship and teaching in our Easter Service.

Seder Passover

April 15 | David Daniels

The Play

CC: Salvation by Grace

April 17 | David Daniels | Matthew 28:1-10

A New Day

The Church Wakes Up to 2022

Rise & Shine

January 2 | David Daniels | Ephesians 5:8-17

CC: Single-Mindedness

Power Breakfast

January 9 | Roger Sappington | Ephesians 3:14-21

CC: Personal God