Finding the Fulness of Joy in Jesus

At Christmas, we sing "Joy to the World," yet personal joy is a rare commodity. In God’s Word, we identify with a man who has lost his joy, discover what drains our life of joy and learn what restores our joy now and forever. Celebrate this beautiful gift with the angels who announced Jesus as "Good news of great joy!"

Christmas Day

December 25 | David Daniels | Luke 2:8-15

CC: Giving Away My Faith

Christmas Eve

December 24 | David Daniels | Psalm 98

CC: Joy


The Cultivation of Great Joy

December 18 | David Daniels | John 15:1-17

CC: Joy

The Robbery of Great Joy

December 11 | David Daniels | Psalm 30

CC: Joy

The Call for Great Joy

December 4 | David Daniels | Philippians 4:4-7

CC: Joy


How Jesis Conquers Our Biggest Challenges

Everyone faces challenges—unclimbable mountains in life. By ourselves, we are unable to conquer the internal, external, natural and supernatural obstacles before us. But Jesus can. Jesus said, "Apart from Me, you can do nothing," but, with Jesus, we can endure. Bring your limitations to God’s Word in this sermon series and discover how Jesus is greater than any impossibility you face.

Greater Than Our Unbelief

November 27 | Tim Tibbles | Matthew 9:27-38

CC: Trinity

Greater Than Our Death

November 20 | David Daniels | Matthew 9:23-26

CC: Trinity

Greater Than Our Suffering

November 13 | David Daniels | Matthew 9:18-22

CC: Trinity

Greater Than Our Religion

November 6 | David Daniels | Matthew 9:9-17

CC: Trinity

Greater Than Our Sin

October 30 | David Daniels | Matthew 9:1-8

CC: Trinity

Greater Than Our Enemy

October 23 | David Daniels | Matthew 8:28-34

CC: Trinity


In this conclusion of our This Changes Everything campaign, we will celebrate paying off our debt and hear about our exciting missional initiatives for 2017 as we prepare to give away $1 million to impact our neighbors and the nations! We will have only one service at 10:00 am, with no programs for K-12th grade or Adult Community Groups. There will be programs for birth-PreK.

In The Right Boat

October 16 | David Daniels | Matthew 8:23-27

CC: Peace


God's Design For Lasting Love

The disintegration and devaluing of marriage today has left many wondering whether lifelong vows are worth the commitment and what true love is supposed to look like. PBC is partnering with dozens of other Tarrant County churches in this 5-week series exploring God’s design for lasting love. Also join us on our Facebook page on the Monday nights following each message for a discussion of that week's topic via Facebook Live video. Tune in at 7:00 pm and bring your questions!

Happily Ever After?

October 9 | Keith Smith | Song of Songs 8:5-14

CC: Love

Someday My Prince(ss) Will Come

October 2 | Keith Smith | Song of Songs 7:1-8:4

CC: Love

Putting the Pieces Back Together

September 25 | David Daniels | Song of Songs 6:4-13

CC: Love

We've Lost That Lovin' Feeling

September 18 | Keith Smith | Song of Songs 5:2-6:3

CC: Love

What's The Matter With Marriage?

September 11 | David Daniels | Song of Songs 1:1-11

CC: Love



The Beauty and Cruelty of Words

Our words are powerful to bless or to curse. James writes about the seeming contradiction of "fresh water" and "salt water" flowing from the same spring of our mouths. Discover what God’s Word teaches about the beauty and cruelty of our words and how we can bring life, not death, through what we say.

Words From The Heart

September 4 | David Daniels | Proverbs 18:21; 4:23

CC: Self-control

Words That Hurt

August 28 | David Daniels | Proverbs 18:21; 12:18

CC: Self-control

Words That Heal

August 21 | David Daniels | Proverbs 18:21; 25:11

CC: Self-control


Finding Faith When Life Turns Sour

Sometimes, life doesn’t work out like we expected. Even those who walk closely with God find themselves in the pit once in a while. But, when circumstances seem to be against us, God is always at work for us, accomplishing His purposes for our good and His glory. As we study the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50, we learn how to find faith when life turns sour.

Lemons to Lemonade

August 14 | David Daniels | Genesis 49:29-50:26

CC: Peace

The Power Of A Blessing

August 7 | Keith Smith | Genesis 48:1-49:28

CC: Hope

Staying Cool in Certain Uncertainties

July 31 | Keith Smith | Genesis 47:13-31

CC: Faithfulness

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