ReGenesis is the African congregation of Central Bible Church. Since 2009, this community of refugees has been a part of our church. Pastor Method Bigirimana has led Regenesis since the beginning and is a member of Central Bible Church staff. ReGenesis Bible Church is a vibrant congregation with a passion to reach other Africans with the gospel.

ReGenesis Bible Church meets Sundays from 1:00-3:30 pm in Campus North Building C. ReGenesis children and students are invited to Central Bible Church's kids and student programming during its normal hours. Pizza is served every Sunday for kids and students at 12:30 right after programming with CBC and just before ReGenesis service starts!


Because our African brothers and sisters have entered this nation in the midst of crisis, we have sought to serve them through ESL classes that are held on Thursday evenings at the church. Contact us if you are an African Refugee or know one who needs help assimilating or would benefit from these classes.


Donation baskets for the ReGenesis congregation sit in the Main Building and The Connection Building Lobbies. Please place any donations in these baskets and Pastor Method will distribute the items to the families in need.