ReGenesis is the African congregation of Central Bible Church. Since 2009, this community of refugees has been a part of our church. Though they have their own pastor and a separate worship service in their native languages, this community has chosen Central Bible Church as their home.

The ReGenesis children and students regularly participate with our Children's and Student Ministries. Their leaders and CBC pastors have become friends and co-laborers. They are a vibrant congregation with a passion to reach other Africans with the gospel. Because they have entered this nation in the midst of crisis, we have sought to serve them through ESL/Citizenship classes, an Essentials Closet and other ministries and events.


Donation baskets for the Essentials Closet are in the lobbies of the Main Building and The Connection. 


ReGenesis Bible Church meets Sundays from 1:00-3:30 pm. For more information about ReGenesis, contact Central Missions.