at Central Bible Church

You're going to discover that Central Bible Church is a great place to BELONG, making a great connection to God and people. Scroll down for some ways for you to begin to get connected.


We believe that community is the place where real life-change takes place. In Acts 2:42-47, the earliest Christians gathered together often to learn, worship, eat and serve together. In fact, the Bible states that they took care of one another's needs and the world around them took note of their remarkable community.


Home Groups are gatherings of individuals and families who meet together on a regular basis, to encourage one another in their faith journeys and do life together. Many Home Groups share a common life stage and geography; their Home Groups are more inter-generational.


They are communities of people who learn to follow Jesus together, experiencing spiritual transformation through a variety of activities:


Inward Functions

Spiritual Formation: Devote attention to activities and disciplines that encourage spiritual growth


Recreation: Eating, playing, and doing life together


Care: Meeting one another’s needs


Outward Functions

Serving/Volunteering: Serve and support the church to help fulfill its mission


Evangelism: Participate as a group in the whole work of evangelism including praying for and inviting unbelievers into the group


Local Compassion: Extend compassion to help meet the needs in their local neighborhood or town


International Mission: Express a growing heart for the nations by at times going and supporting global mission



Some churches have "Sunday School", at Central Bible Church, we enjoy Community Group Bible Studies. Every Sunday,  our communities come to study God’s Word and discover its practical relevance for their life. Friends and guests share refreshments, laughter, insight and concerns. Each Community Group Bible Study is hosted by a Shepherd couple or individual who hold the open door to anyone who would like to discover the joys of studying God’s Word with others.

A1 = Adult 1 = College through mid 30s

A2 = Adult 2 = Mid-30s through late 50s

A3 = Adult 3 = late 50s and up

Brett Hansen – A1 Community Pastor

Jon Rhiddlehoover and Toney Upton – A2 Community Pastors

Ryan Rasberry – A3 Community Pastor


 Community Group Bible Studies meet at 10:45 am. Find the community meeting locations listed below.

 Most Community Group Bible Studies meet in The Connection (TC), across the street from our Main Building (MB). A few Community Groups meet in the Main Building. 

 Community Group Bible Studies use The Scrolls Bible Study each week to encourage personal study and interaction. You do not have to have completed The Scrolls to attend Community Group Bible Study.

 Most Community Group Bible Studies also offer several Home Groups that meet at different times during the week.

 Community Group Bible Studies are divided by life stage and geography to help people connect with their neighbors. However, you may attend any Community Group Bible Study you wish.


Current Sunday Groups 

10:45am - 12:00pm


 College, MB Green Room

 Young Adults, TC251

 Young Families, TC130

A2 NORTH [MID 30s-LATE 50s]

 Central En Español, MB102 

 Fort Worth, TC254 

 Journey [North Arlington], TC250

 Gather, TC130

 North Trinity, TC255

 Northeast Arlington, TC252 

A2 SOUTH [MID 30s-LATE 50s]

 Duff [Central Arlington], TC152

 Foundations [ South Arlington], TC151

 Singles [30's & 40's], MB100

 Southeast Tarrant/Dallas County, TC150 

 Celebration [South Arlington], TC253

A3 [ LATE 50s +]

 Hebrews 10  [South Arlington], MB105  | 8:00 - 9:15am

 Boles [South Arlington], MB103

 Dunn [Central Arlington], MB103

 K-North [North Arlington], MB105

 Northstar [North Arlington], TC153

 Singles [50+], MB104

 Bereans [Central Arlington],  MB101


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