If you are a local college student looking for a fun, dynamic gathering of 18 to 21 year-olds to worship with, look no further than our College Community

College - Pursuit:

Pursuit is a college gathering for students who are seeking worship, truth, and community. We desire to see God change us through these three areas. Whether or not, you are a student who has been to church all your life, or a student who is seeking truth, you are welcome to join us. 


We open our doors at 7:30 at Inclusion Coffee in Arlington (101 E Abram St #110, Arlington, TX 76010). Grab a cup of coffee as we begin our time of worship. Next, we dive into the Word of God and target topics we are all struggling with, seeking what God has to say. Finally, we break into small groups to discuss, debate and encourage each other as we get to know each other.


7/7,7/28-Meet Up At Manny's-7:00-9:00pm

7/17-After Sunday Lunch-12:30-1:30pm