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Wonder: Advent Meditations on the Miracle of Christmas


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For most people, the season is a magical mixture of beauty, curiosity, mystery and history. And, we crave this. However, the wonder of Christmas isn’t twinkling lights, a winter snow, homemade desserts or a decorated tree. What makes Christmas so full of wonder is that God stepped into time and came near to us. The most wonderful time of the year celebrates the most wonderful moment in time. 


In this daily advent devotional, journey to Christmas and discover the wonder of Jesus.

30 Days in Exile: Living For Christ with Courage

And Expectancy In The West


Today, many Christians in America feel as though they have been dropped via cultural tornado into some strange, chaotic Oz. The place they call home just doesn’t feel familiar anymore. In fact, it feels almost foreign. Like exiles taken to an unfamiliar and hostile nation, American Christians sense that they are now aliens in this place. 30 Days in Exile: Living for Christ with Courage and Expectancy in the West is a one-month journey through key texts of Scripture to gain much greater clarity in your calling as a Christian exile and help you live faithfully as a follower of Christ.

Next Step Discipleship: The Christian's Handbook For Walking

The Pathway To Missional Living

The destination of the spiritual life isn't merely heaven. God invites His people to join Him in His global, redemptive plan. Understanding a simple Spiritual Pathway, the Christian will discover timeless principles to help move their life to greater missional living. "Next Step Discipleship" is a vital spiritual growth resource to help Christians live, teach and model biblical principles for their own spiritual growth and so that healthy churches are established everywhere. If you want to get your spiritual life moving in the right direction, this book is for you.

Next Step Journal: The Christian's Workbook For Walking The Pathway To Missional Living


This discipleship curriculum coordinates with "Next Step Discipleship" to help Christians grow in spiritual maturity. Using a simple pathway--BELONG, BECOME and BEYOND--the reader learns a Bible Study method to explore the true Gospel, their spiritual story, assurance of salvation, the joy of biblical community, the importance of the church, how life-transformation happens, how to use their spiritual gifts, making a difference in their neighborhood and cultivating a global outlook. The goal of this workbook is to make disciples who make disciples.