Membership is partnership. It's how people express their continuing commitment to their local church in order to see God's global purposes accomplished. Through our membership process, attendees learn about the mission and vision of CBC, get a glimpse at what God is doing here and how they can best join others using their unique gifts, talents, and resources.


Are you ready to take the next step with us at Central Bible Church? 


The membership process at Central Bible Church is very simple:

Attend Membership Class

This short, staff-led class will familiarize you with the mission, beliefs and ministries of Central Bible Church. You will have plenty of time to ask questions in a friendly environment with others who are moving toward membership.

Meet with a Pastor

Meet with one of our church area pastors. Members are more than spectators. They commit themselves to the mission of their church through giving their time and resources. Members also place themselves under the spiritual direction of their leadership.

Meet with an Elder

We are pleased to know that every member has had opportunity to meet with one of our church elders to express their own spiritual journey and ask any remaining questions they may have before making this commitment and sign the membership covenant.

Annual Reaffirmation

According to our constitution, every member must maintain their active standing through a simple Membership Reaffirmation process each year. It's a simple way to keep the importance of church membership on our mind at the beginning of each year. Please remember that spouses must reaffirm their membership individually. is our resource website providing biblical and life application material through articles, videos, Bible studies, and books. Check out a few of our featured articles below. 

Belong: To Church - Unity, Community, Ministry

Membership is a means by which church leaders may discern which attendees have the capacity for spiritual maturity and may be held accountable for their new life in Christ. Member responsibilities of unity, community, and ministry are discussed.

How You Know When a Church Is "The One"

The local church matters, and you have a place in it. Finding the right local church to commit to can require the same intentionality as choosing a mate.

Belong: To Church - Generosity, Authority, Accountability

Church member responsibilities of generosity, authority, and accountability are discussed.