Take a step along the pathway to greater missional living. The JRNY is a spiritual growth plan with foundational courses and experiences to cultivate greater missional discipleship among God’s people at Central Bible Church. 

Take a look at the classes below to find which one is right for you. Also see our FAQ at the bottom of this page for more information.

Everyday Evangelism

Learning How To Share Your Faith Naturally

Sundays, 10:45am - 12:00pm | During second hour programming

February 18 - March 3


This is not your typical evangelism class! Everyday Evangelism is designed to help followers of Jesus grow in confidence and intentionality in their role as witnesses of the gospel.



Join a Home Group

We believe that community is the place where real life-change takes place. In Acts 2:42-47, the earliest Christians gathered together often to learn, worship, eat and serve together. In fact, the Bible states that they took care of one another's needs and the world around them took note of their remarkable community. Home Groups are gatherings of individuals and families who meet together on a regular basis, to encourage one another in their faith journeys and do life together. Many Home Groups share a common life stage and geography; their Home Groups are more inter-generational.

Become a Member

Membership is partnership. It's how people express their continuing commitment to their local church in order to see God's global purposes accomplished. Through our membership process, attendees learn about the mission and vision of CBC, get a glimpse at what God is doing here and how they can best join others using their unique gifts, talents, and resources.

The Bible Big Picture  

Understanding Your Bible From

Genesis to Revelation

For many people, the Bible is a confusing collection of books telling of an ancient history that seems to have little relevance for them today. However, all the stories are connected to a broader story of God’s redeeming work. Discover how the patriarchs, Israel, Canaan, the covenants, kings, prophecy, the Gospel, the church, and much more fit together into one story from Genesis to Revelation. After this class, you will understand the big picture of your Bible. 


CORPS Credit: If you have graduated CORPS, you do not need to take this course.

The Story of God 

Embracing God's Purpose in History

A six-week journey into the redemptive narrative of Scripture. From the very first page of God’s Word to the last, we see the Lord providing a story of his kingdom and its restoration. Through this story we come to understand God’s mission in the world and how he invites us into it. As we come to embrace and live out God’s Story, we experience the fullness of God’s purpose for us as followers of Jesus.


CORPS Credit: None

It's All Greek To Me 

How to Study Your Bible

As believers, we know one of the most important spiritual disciplines is reading the Bible. However, many Christians fail to read their Bibles consistently because they are overwhelmed by uncertainty of where to start, what to look for, and how to apply it to their lives. This class can improve your understanding of Scripture and teach you effective ways to read, interpret and apply truths from the eternal Word of God. 


CORPS Credit: If you have completed CORPS AND have a) a year or more of BSF, or b) a year or more of Precepts Bible Study, or c) have been a CBC teacher in Community Groups, you do not need to take this course.

Theological Toolbox 

Building a Basic Theology

Discover and develop basic theological tools which are essential to a Christian worldview. Know what you believe and why you believe it! This class is a mini-seminary experience for everyone in the church. 

PREREQUISITE: CBC Membership, Home Group, and The Bible Big Picture or CORPS (2011-2021)

If you have completed CORPS in a previous year, this material is a repeat of that course content. Any CORPS graduate is welcome to take this course as a refresher.

CLASS MATERIALS:  Each student should get a copy of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology

Your Divine Design 

Putting Your Uniqueness to Work

to Bless Others

A 5 week study on how God has plans for your life, to work through you in serving the world around you. Divine Design will lead you to discover your unique purpose and role in God’s plans. This class will walk you through exploring your experiences, passions, gifts, skills, and personality to determine and craft your unique serving expressions that are your “sweet spot” for the glory of God.  


CLASS MATERIALS:  Will be provided

Everyday Evangelism 

Learning How To Share

Your Faith Naturally 

This is not your typical evangelism class! Everyday Evangelism is designed to help followers of Jesus grow in confidence and intentionality in their role as witnesses of the gospel. 


Engaging Culture and Contemporary Issues 

Reading The World Around You

In every generation, the beliefs and morals of Christians have come into conflict with the beliefs and morals of the broader culture. This class will help believers better understand the Christian position on key issues and how they can confidently, yet winsomely engage those who may disagree with them. Beyond that, participants will also be given solid principles to help them discern truth from error in the marketplace of ideas.    


Materials: Will be provided

Journey of Generosity  

Viewing Our Resources

as Kingdom Materials

Journey Of Generosity is a small group gathering to explore living with biblical generosity in your marriage, family, business, ministry, and whole life. Gather this like-minded, missional people for the purpose of maximizing your impact and growing closer to God.


Mission Immersion 

Giving Ourselves Away

to Make Jesus Known

Mission Immersion is a cross-cultural mission experience through either a short-term international mission trip or a semester of local service to encourage believers in their participation in the Great Commission. CBC sends multiple mission teams to a variety of locations each year. Local service could be done through the following ministries: ESL, International Student Outreach, ReGenesis, Central en Español, Central Storehouse, or World Relief. In addition to your service, Mission Immersion also involves walking through a devotional booklet that leads you to better understand God’s mission in the world and your part in it.   


Materials: Will be provided

Next Step Journal

Practicing Spiritual Reproduction

Every disciple is called to make disciples of others. Next Step Journal is a tool to help foster that kind of spiritual reproduction. Through 24 short, yet impactful lessons disciples learn and experience a practical way to use God’s Word to lead others to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Prerequisite: None

Material: Next Step Journal can be purchased online


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