Celebrating our Savior this Christmas

Before Jesus was born, He was named. Old Testament prophecy not only announced His birth but anticipated what He would be like for us. This Christmas, we celebrate our Savior as our Wonderful Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father, our Prince of Peace, and our Conquering King—God who has come to us, and for us.

Our Conquering King

December 30 | Roger Sappington | Isaiah 9:1-7

CC: Eternity

Our Prince of Peace

December 23 | David Daniels | John 14:25-27

CC: Peace

Our Everlasting Father

December 16 | David Daniels | John 14:5-14

CC: Trinity

Our Mighty God

December 9 | David Daniels | John 4:43-54

CC: Personal God

Our Wonderful Counselor

December 2 | David Daniels | Luke 2:41-52

CC: Kindness/Goodness


Surrendered to Spiritual Living

In light of the Gospel mercies, how is the Christian called to live? In Paul’s final chapters of Romans, he gives a picture of spiritual transformation and explains how God’s people, as “living sacrifices,” surrender themselves to God’s purposes.  

It All Comes Down To This

November 25 | David Daniels | Romans 16:25-27

CC: Worship

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

November 18 | David Daniels | Romans 16:1-23

CC: Biblical Community

Moving On

November 11 | David Daniels | Romans 15:23-32

CC: Giving Away My Life

A Commitment to the Gospel

November 4 | David Daniels | Romans 15:14-22

CC: Giving My Faith Away

Pleasing People, Praising God

October 28 | Manny Fernandez | Romans 15:1-13

CC: Humility

Beware:Trip Hazard

October 14 | David Daniels | Romans 14:13-23

CC: Kindness/Goodness

A Matter of Conviction

October 7 | David Daniels | Romans 14:1-12

CC: Humility

Our Debts of Love

September 30 | David Daniels | Romans 13:8-14

CC: Hope

Civil Servitude

September 23 | David Daniels | Romans 13:1-7

CC: Self-Control

The Oddity of Getting Even

September 16 | David Daniels | Romans 12:17-21

CC: Love

The Real Deal

September 9 | David Daniels | Romans 12:9-16

CC: Love

Come to the Altar

September 2 | David Daniels | Romans 12:1-8

CC: Spiritual Gifts


Surviving Unexpected and Undesireable Transitions

The unchanging reality of life is that change happens.  Every person faces unexpected and, sometimes, undesirable transitions. God’s people learn to endure change by trusting Him who never changes. Holding confidently to God’s person, His power and His purposes, we can survive whatever comes our way.


Thou Changest Not

August 26 | David Daniels | Psalm 102:23-28

CC: Trinity

Your Turn

August 19 | David Daniels | Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

CC: Personal God


The Deep Mystery of God's Sovereignty

Romans 9-11 contain some of the most challenging theological concepts in the Bible. In these chapters, Paul unpacks the mystery of election and God’s sovereignty. His goal is to explain God’s future purposes for Israel and give the Christian today greater confidence in their own salvation. This series will explore these deep truths and lead us to greater worship because we have come “in” to God’s favor not by human effort, but by the design of He who is gloriously “over our heads.”



August 12 | David Daniels | Romans 11:33-38

CC: Personal God

God's Plan for His People

August 5 | David Daniels | Romans 11:1-32

CC: Eternity

Living Sent

July 29 | Roger Sappington | Romans 9:30-10:21

CC: Salvation By Grace

The Potter's Prerogative

July 22 | David Daniels | Romans 9:19-29

CC: Personal God

Election Results

July 15 | David Daniels | Romans 9:1-18

CC: Personal God


Celebrating our Gospel Liberty

In the first five chapters of Romans, the author presents the problem of sin and the provision of a Savior. As this significant letter focuses on the beauty of the Gospel, Paul gives attention to our pursuit of true, spiritual freedom. This series unpacks the Christian’s sanctification and how we live in liberty—free at last from the mastery of sin and tyranny of the Law.


The Future Is Now

July 8 | Sam Ashmore | Romans 8:28-39

CC: Salvation By Grace

Good Grief

July 1 | David Daniels | Romans 8:18-27

CC: Hope

Winning the War With Sin

June 24 | David Daniels | Romans 8:1-17

CC: Salvation By Grace

Law and Disorder

June 10 | David Daniels | Romans 7:7-25

CC: Salvation By Grace

No Curfew

June 3 | David Daniels | Romans 7:1-6

CC: Salvation By Grace

Under New Management

May 27 | David Daniels | Romans 6:15-23

CC: Salvation By Grace

Dying to Live

May 20 | Roger Sappington | Romans 6:1-14

CC: Salvation By Grace


Fathers Day 2018

Invite the dads, grandfathers, and other father-figures in your life and join us for a special Father's Day service as we hear a message from Pastor David Daniels and give "Props to Pops!"  Check the June 10 bulletin for ideas for honoring Dad in the week leading up to Father's Day, and share how you're celebrating Dad on social media using #pbcpropstopops.


Prayer, Power, and Purpose

June 17 | David Daniels | 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

CC: Life Purpose


Mothers Day 2018

Please invite mothers and grandmothers to join you for this special service. Attending moms will be honored and receive a commemorative charm. We'll also have a special time of prayer for those who find Mother's Day difficult.


Eye See You

May 13 | David Daniels | Matthew 2:1-11



How People Find Peach With God

Having spent two chapters explaining the desperate, sinful condition of humanity, the Apostle Paul turns his attention to the glorious good news of the Gospel. In this section of Romans, we discover how people find peace with God. This salvation—a great gift from God—produces peace, hope and joy among those who believe.


A Better Man

May 6 | David Daniels | Romans 5:12-21

CC: Salvation By Grace

Something to Get Excited About

April 29 | David Daniels | Romans 5:1-11

CC: Salvation By Grace

Standing on the Promises

April 22 | David Daniels | Romans 4:13-25

CC: Salvation By Grace

Footsteps of Faith

April 15 | Sam Ashmore | Romans 4:1-12

CC: Salvation By Grace

Just Salvation

April 8 | David Daniels | Romans 3:21-31

CC: Salvation By Grace


The Impact Of Jesus The Messiah

From the moment Jesus was born He began to make an impact wherever He went. His death and resurrection would break the bondage of sin in a hardened world and open the way for people to find peace with God. Seeing Jesus for who He really is can rock the world of all who trust Him today. In this special Easter series, discover the magnitude and majesty of Jesus the Messiah and the new life He offers everyone.


Rock Your World (Easter Sunday)

April 1 | David Daniels | Matthew 28:1-10

CC: Hope

All Shook Up (Palm Sunday)

March 25 | David Daniels | Matthew 21:1-11

CC: Trinity


Why the World Needs the Gospel

The good news of the Gospel only makes sense against the bad news of the human condition. In this continuing series in the Book of Romans, the Bible reveals the desperate, sinful condition of humanity and our hopeless attempt to please God. Discover why the world doesn't work the way God created and how Jesus redeems this paradise lost


Desperate Circumstances

March 18 | David Daniels | Romans 3:9-20

CC: Humanity

Looking for Loopholes

March 11 | David Daniels | Romans 3:1-8

CC: Humanity

Heart of the Matter

March 4 | David Daniels | Romans 2:17-29

CC: Humanity

All in the Same Boat

February 25 | Roger Sappington | Romans 2:1-16

CC: Humanity

You May Have Your Wish

February 18 | David Daniels | Romans 1:24-32

CC: Humanity

Common Knowledge

February 11 | David Daniels | Romans 1:18-23

CC: Humanity


Seeking and Seizing Gospel Opportunities Among Our Neighbors

As a church committed to intentional, personal, local and proclamational evangelism it is important to start our journey with the foundation of our Gospel ministry.  In this opening chapter of his great Gospel declaration, Paul highlights the Christian's calling, compulsion and courage to share the Good News with everyone they meet.


Gospel Competency

February 4 | David Daniels | John 20:19-23

CC: Giving Away My Faith

Gospel Courage

January 28 | David Daniels | Romans 1:14-17

CC: Giving Away My Faith

Gospel Compulsion

January 21 | David Daniels | Romans 1:8-13

CC: Giving Away My Faith

Gospel Calling

January 14 | David Daniels | Romans 1:1-7

CC: Giving Away My Faith



This message will kick off our new year, as we go back to a full Sunday schedule this week, with services at 9 and 10:45 am, full children's and student programming, and adult Community Group Bible studies!



January 7 | Roger Sappington | 1 Timothy 6:11-16

CC: Single-mindedness

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