Celebrating our Savior this Christmas

Before Jesus was born, He was named. Old Testament prophecy not only announced His birth but anticipated what He would be like for us. This Christmas, we celebrate our Savior as our Wonderful Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father, our Prince of Peace, and our Conquering King—God who has come to us, and for us.

Our Conquering King

December 30 | Roger Sappington | Isaiah 9:1-7

CC: Eternity

Our Prince of Peace

December 23 | David Daniels | John 14:25-27

CC: Peace

Our Everlasting Father

December 16 | David Daniels | John 14:5-14

CC: Trinity

Our Mighty God

December 9 | David Daniels | John 4:43-54

CC: Personal God

Our Wonderful Counselor

December 2 | David Daniels | Luke 2:41-52

CC: Kindness/Goodness


Surrendered to Spiritual Living

In light of the Gospel mercies, how is the Christian called to live? In Paul’s final chapters of Romans, he gives a picture of spiritual transformation and explains how God’s people, as “living sacrifices,” surrender themselves to God’s purposes.  

It All Comes Down To This

November 25 | David Daniels | Romans 16:25-27

CC: Worship

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

November 18 | David Daniels | Romans 16:1-23

CC: Biblical Community

Moving On

November 11 | David Daniels | Romans 15:23-32

CC: Giving Away My Life

A Commitment to the Gospel

November 4 | David Daniels | Romans 15:14-22

CC: Giving My Faith Away

Pleasing People, Praising God

October 28 | Manny Fernandez | Romans 15:1-13

CC: Humility

Beware:Trip Hazard

October 14 | David Daniels | Romans 14:13-23

CC: Kindness/Goodness

A Matter of Conviction

October 7 | David Daniels | Romans 14:1-12

CC: Humility

Our Debts of Love

September 30 | David Daniels | Romans 13:8-14

CC: Hope

Civil Servitude

September 23 | David Daniels | Romans 13:1-7

CC: Self-Control

The Oddity of Getting Even

September 16 | David Daniels | Romans 12:17-21

CC: Love

The Real Deal

September 9 | David Daniels | Romans 12:9-16

CC: Love

Come to the Altar

September 2 | David Daniels | Romans 12:1-8

CC: Spiritual Gifts

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