COVID-19 Update

Dear CBC Family,


This week Governor Abbott announced Phase 1 to "Open Texas," and part of his plan permits churches to resume their ministry activities with some restrictions. I want to give you a snapshot of our plan at Central Bible Church.


PROTECT YOURSELF! No matter what allowances are afforded churches, your protection is our highest priority. Therefore, our more vulnerable members - older adults, individuals with underlying health conditions (i.e., diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory issues), or those with great concern should consider not returning to church when our doors open. CBC will continue to provide online ministry to serve you. Please do what's best for you and your family!


START SMALL: MAY 3 This Sunday, Home Groups can consider meeting in person. Once again, each group or individual will need to assess their own vulnerability and comfort level. Those who do meet should still observe social distancing guidelines. Your Home Group Leader will be sending more information in the days ahead. Worship Services will continue online only: May 3, 10 & 17.


COME TOGETHER: MAY 24 We would like to begin offering corporate worship services on this Sunday, but with church-specific social distancing measures in place. We will NOT have any children's or student ministries, Community Group Bible Studies or midweek ministry.


GREATER MINISTRY: JUNE 7 God-willing, we will be able to resume most of our on-campus ministry by this date. Even still, we will respect social distancing guidelines and will likely need to adjust ministry to insure that we reduce any potential exposure.


I am hopeful that this plan "works." Please keep a couple of things in minds as we look forward to these benchmark dates:


     • These dates can change. Infections could increase, the state could slow down or we could choose to 

        make adjustments based on a variety of criteria.


     • Each church is different. Because the state doesn't mandate specific steps for churches,

        you may hear of some area churches opening sooner, or later. We are making decisions

        that we feel are best for our congregation.


     • We'll be ready. Our team is already making preparations - including deep cleaning and

        sanitizing of our campus, creating new protocols, and adapting to new rhythms in order to

        be ready. In this crazy time, we want you to feel confident when you return to your church!


Thank you for your continued patience. We're in this together!


Praying for you and the world,